Semi Tractor parked in front of Jim Fuchs Trucking freight brokerage office in Melrose, MN

Providing Logistics
to Over 30 States!

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The Jim Fuchs Trucking
5 "Rights" Rules

  1. Right Commodities
  2. Right Location
  3. Right Time
  4. Right Condition
  5. Right Price
Row of Semi Tractors owned by Jim Fuchs Trucking

Keeping Your Freight Moving Safely & On Time

At Jim Fuchs Trucking, Inc. in Melrose Minnesota, our goal is simple: to provide our clients with the best logistical transport services possible.

Providing Full-Service Freight Transportation throughout 30+ States

Established by Jim Fuchs over 25 years ago, we operate as a full-service, freight transport and brokerage company licensed to haul dry goods as well as refrigerated products across 33 different states. From Minnesota and Wisconsin to Utah and Idaho, our hauling and delivery area covers the entire Northwest region of the United States.

At Jim Fuchs Trucking, we offer a variety of professional freight hauling services, including;

The Region’s Leading Transportation Experts

We take freight logistics and ground transport services very seriously at Jim Fuchs Trucking. When you entrust us with your goods, we know that your reputation and ours are on the line. For that reason and more, we do everything possible to ensure that your freight arrives in the same condition in which it was given to us - and that it arrives on time.

At Jim Fuchs Trucking, we have an extensive history in the trucking business. Our owner, Jim Fuchs, resided behind the wheel of a tractor and trailer for many years - first as a milk hauler, then as a long haul trucker - before starting Jim Fuchs Trucking, Inc. in 1991. Long before he took his place at a desk as owner and dispatcher, Jim traveled old country roads and packed city streets, learning first-hand what trucking is all about. Today Jim Fuchs Trucking continues to grow, expanding upon its strong reputation for being reliable, fair, and honest.

As an established freight brokerage owned and operated by a former truck driver, we know what it takes to get your products delivered on time. Our well-maintained equipment helps avoid costly delays and our seasoned drivers are experienced in all types of weather conditions. From hiring the right drivers to routine equipment maintenance, we put stringent standards in place to keep your freight moving safely and on time. Contact us today to get your freight on the road with Jim Fuchs Trucking.